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Fulham takes hold of playoff tie v Cardiff through two magic goals

The Football League Championship’s playoff semifinals are half in the books, and the advantages are in the corners of familiar faces for Premier League followers. A day after six-seeded hosts

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Study reveals how renegade protein interrupts brain cell function in Alzheimer’s disease

Dozens of molecules may tangle up with rogue bundles of tau, a protein that normally gives nerve fibers structure, to cause brain cell damage that contributes to neurodegenerative diseases, a

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SAP to spin off Qualtrics, partly unwinding $8 billion buy

Business software group SAP plans to spin off and float Qualtrics, the U.S. specialist in measuring online customer sentiment that it acquired less than two years ago for $8 billion.

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Feds ban drones over Portland government buildings

The Department of Homeland Security says US authorities have banned drones from flying near federal buildings in Portland because they believe drones are surveilling federal officers at protests there, Reuters

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A Red Lobster employee found a rare blue lobster. Instead of cooking it, the restaurant sent it to an Ohio zoo

A rare blue lobster has received a reprieve after a restaurant sent it to an Ohio zoo for conservation instead of consumption. An Akron Zoo Facebook post on Sunday said

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Some Tips To Help You Get A Handle On Baseball

Even though baseball is popular, there aren’t that many people who are actually good at it. It might look simple, but a good amount of talent and know-how is needed

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