Ideas For What To Wear With Plaid Pants For Men

Ideas For What To Wear With Plaid Pants For Men

Plaid pants for men are currently quite popular in the men’s fashion category. The plaid pants mens are stylish and attractive pants that can be worn on various occasions. They are also comfortable to wear. While many men have discovered the allure of plaid pants, not all of them know how to wear these pants. For this reason, this post looks at how to wear plaid pants for men.

What to wear with plaid pants for men

Below are some plaid pant for men outfit ideas that all men would benefit from;

1.      Plaid pants for men with long sleeve shirts

The easiest way to create an incredible outfit with your plaid pants for men is by pairing the pants with a long sleeve shirt. You can never go wrong with this combination. It is a classic combination that many people have pulled off repeatedly. Anyone can pull off this combination from stars on red carpets to big shots in the street and the everyday man going to work. Adding a polished pair of black shoes to a combination of gray paid pants with a long-sleeved black shirt would create a perfect sophisticated look.

2.      Plaid pants with neck t-shirts

A plain neck t-shirt is a must-have piece of clothing for any man’s closet. Pairing a neck t-shirt with your plaid pants will create a casually dapper outfit. This outfit would be ideal for a date night or going to work. You can add an official jacket on top to create a perfectly work-approved outfit. You can also transition it into a casual outfit for your evening activities by adding a leather jacket or sneakers to create the perfect contrast. A pair of plaid pants and a neck t-shirt is a look that is bound to turn heads.

3.      Plaid pants for men with a jacket

You can also pair your plaid pants with a jacket. There are plenty of jacket options for men. Denim jackets are particularly great for pairing with plaid pants. They are timeless pieces guaranteed to camouflage with any outfit, including plaid pants. You can also pair your plaid pants with a leather jacket. Leather jackets are trendy pieces that go well with just about everything. Pairing your plaid pants with a leather jacket will help you create a masculine and trendy look for out-of-office activities.

4.      What shoes can you wear with plaid pants?

The overall outfit will determine your shoes with your plaid pants for men. For instance, casual suede boots would be perfect if you wear plaid pants with a leather jacket. The occasion will also help you determine the ideal shoes. For instance, you must pair your plaid pants with an official pair of shoes for an official occasion. Regardless, there is no limit to the shoes you can wear with plaid pants since you can pull off various looks with these pants.


Besides the combinations above, you can also pair plaid pants with a hoodie, blazer, puffer jacket, or overcoat. It all depends on the look you want to achieve and your overall style. Note that the market also features plaid pants for women. They are also as versatile as plaid pants for men.