Top-Rated Office & Gaming Monitors | Huawei Best Buy

Top-Rated Office & Gaming Monitors | Huawei Best Buy

The world is gradually transforming into an online globe with everything going technological. Therefore, it is common to find more people working from the comfort of their patios on their PCs. Nonetheless, one of the most important factors for an efficient flawless work or gaming session is the efficiency of your machine.

After several years of changing the computer location from place to place, seeking comfortable positions, it's when you realize the need for a lightweight and solid machine that's very sturdy and ready for everyday use without letting you down. Read ahead for some of the latest monitors you can't wait to have.

2021’s Best Overall Monitors for Office Work & Gaming

Affordable pricing, fantastic looks, and updated accessories are some of the features most gamers and regular computer users have been looking out for when buying the machines. But with the latest trends in the computer industry, 4k monitor with great displays is what you should put first; the rest come embedded. Here are some for you from Huawei consumers.

Huawei Mateview GT

This ultra-wide curved monitor with a 34-inch display is best your option when all you want is a quality high-tech machine. It offers a full force immersive viewing experience with seamless visual flows that benefit gamers with its high refresh rate of 165Hz.

You also don't have to strain to view darker images since the monitor lets you into them with HDR10 technology and its superior color palette. It is also a futuristic display with a 5-watt dual soundbar built into the base of the computer. So unless you play some music on it, you may never notice the presence of the incredible speakers.

Furthermore, Mateview GT has a 360° receiver microphone that can pick up your voice from a 4-meter distance, with an auto-set background noise cancellation feature.

Huawei Mateview

The gifts season is slowly approaching, and understanding the current season, Huawei offers MateView earbuds as gifts that come with the monitor's purchase.  You can be sure to enjoy an absolute seamless wireless projection to the device and its 4K+ clear display. The monitor has a 28.2inch display, 5.6 inches less than the Mateview GT but still upholds similar features and delivers an 8ms fast response.

It is mounted with full-function USB ports, HDMI, and mini display ports that enhance your projection to other devices.

How to Tell a Mateview Monitor?

Different computer brands aim to produce standalone monitors that substitute the old school desktop monitor with a CPU. But if you aim to have a 4k+ monitor such as the Mateview, here is what you should check for.

  • Independent dual speakers with a 4 –meter field voice pickup
  • Sleek looks with effortless balance
  • Innovative user experience featuring touch controls with no physical buttons.
  • Smart wireless connectivity without cables. You can mirror your phone apps and use them from the large display screen.

For more info on the Mateview Full series, visit Huawei's consumers' site, where you can be sure to get several MateView products and accessories.