Four People Who Made Bowler Hats Popular

by Gillian

For many years now, bowler hat have grown popular and have become a sign of classic vintage fashion style. Today, all over the Internet, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of styles of bowler hats. Moreso, hundreds of thousands of people now wear bowler hats. 

While many people wear these hats, not all know about the history of bowler hats. Presently, there’s no one wearing bowler hats today that was living when this masterpiece was designed. The first designed bowler hat came in 1849 by hat producers based in London – Thomas and William Bowler. 

There was a burning passion between these two creatives to create a hat with an extension that looked like a crown. That’s because top hats were becoming increasingly troublesome for sportspeople. During horse rides, branches will hit those top hats and distract the player, enhancing a bad performance or causing an injury. Because of that creating a bowler hat was necessary. 

Bowler hats may have been created in London for sportsmen, but its popularity today has gone global, and it’s one of the most popular hats in the fashion world today. These hats didn’t get popular on their own. Some people wore these bowler hats so well till they became famous. Some of these people include; 

John Bonham

In the whole of Great Britain, John Bonham is best known for his musical activities. A renowned drummer of the then rock group Zeppelin. During his time, John grew in influence and popularity throughout his music career. One character John Bonham always put on was great fashion. John was a fashionable person who got used to wearing bowler hats from time to time. 

Charlie Chaplin

If there’s an entertainer who has ever lived an influential life, Charlie Chaplin should be a name to consider. Charlie was effortlessly entertaining, leaving his audience with no option but to love him. He became very popular over a short period, and soon enough, he became an edifice. For the morning outfit in Little Tramp, Charlie wore a bowler hat to complete the outfit. The hat became so famous that it became available and got sold at auction for good value. 

Lou Costell

An impeccable comedian, Lou Costell became famous because of his impact in Abbott Costello Show, where he played a role for both. He was also a popular actor known to wear bowler hats. His bowler hats were not only fashionable, but they were also different and tough to imitate. He was a comedian par excellence who made bowler hats popular today. 

Edward Coke

Initially, Edward Coke didn’t have any idea about what bowler hats were. At that time, it was worn mainly by professionals going to work, and Edward wasn’t a part of them. Edward was an upper-class citizen who became the 3rd Earl of Leicester. He, however, got the hint about bowler hats and moved to buy his bowler when he was in London in 1849. After a series of tests for its versatility and strength, Edward Coke ended up purchasing the bowler. 


Bowler hats may be fashionable and popular today,  but they didn’t start like that. The persons discussed above are the ones responsible for the popularity of bowler hats today. 

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