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Easiest Ways To Roll Up Your Smart Long Sleeve Shirts

by Gillian

Long sleeve shirts are quite trendy among women and men. Smart long sleeve shirts make great pieces for casual and official looks. This means that you can wear the shirts to work with official pants or skirts or pair them with casual pieces to make incredible outfits for everyday wear. This post covers ways to roll up your smart long sleeve shirts.

Tricks for rolling your long sleeve shirts

It is common for both men and women to roll up their long sleeve shirts for various occasions. For instance, traditionally, men would roll up their sleeves while preparing to work or fight. The primary purpose was to ensure that the shirts were not damaged during such activities. While many men still do this, rolling up sleeves has become a fashion trend in this modern age. In other words, rolling up sleeves has become a fashion trend for both men and women. There are numerous ways you can roll up your sleeves. The following are some of the best ones:

1.      The master smart long sleeve shirt roll

The most common way to roll up your sleeve is the Master roll. You can achieve the master sleeve roll by rolling up your sleeve to two widths of your shirt’s cuff and doing the same until you reach the desired length. The trick is to smooth any creases and folds in the fabric after each roll. It would help if you also left the top end of the cuff exposed to undo the fold. This method is less restrictive and can hold the folds longer. The sleeves are locked in place to keep them from getting undone.

2.      The AIFA roll for smart long sleeve shirt types

This is a casual and effortless long sleeve roll. It is the easiest way to roll up your sleeves. The AIFA roll adheres to the rule of thirds. This rule implies that only one-third of the arm gets exposed. This is a visually appealing ratio for both men and women. This is an ideal role for women with short and narrow arms. This is because the roll makes your arms look proportional to the rest of your body.

Determining the best way to roll up your long sleeve shirt

The following are things that will determine how you roll your sleeves;

  • The weather- you can roll up your sleeves to cool off in hot weather
  • Style and preferences- you can roll up your smart long sleeve shirts to create a relaxed look or make your outfit look creative
  • Type of outfit- for a formal outfit, you can roll up your long sleeves to dress it down at the end of a workday or when going out after work
  • Type of work- the kind of work you want to do will influence how and if you roll up your sleeves


Note that the above tricks apply to both men and women. Depending on the occasion and your preference, you can also get creative with how you roll up your long sleeve shirt.

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