Understanding Everything About Disposable Myuwell Pods

Understanding Everything About Disposable Myuwell Pods

The on-the-go designed vapes by myuwell that are non-rechargeable, and pre-filled with E-liquid are disposable. It is meant for single-time use as the name suggests, it is popular because of its ease of use and its disposable nature; basically, meant for beginners. Rechargeable vapes as the name suggests can be used more than once with rechargeable batteries and refillable tanks. Rechargeable vapes are for people who enjoy smoking all the time and prefer e-cigarettes over normal ones.

This article is here to clear out any underlying confusion regarding vaping and the types of vapes; the pros and cons of each type.

Disposable Vs. Non-disposable Myuwell Vape Debate

There has been an age-long debate on the pros and cons of each type of vape and more or less it depends on the preference of the user.

1. Single-use Vs. Multi-use

Disposable Vapes as the name suggests are single-use vapes, but they still can last for 500-600 puffs some with even higher rates. It last tills the e-liquid lasts in the device, then it is to be discarded. At the same time, non-disposable or rechargeable vapes are multi-use vapes, which is an advantage over single-use vapes. Although the device needs to be charged and sometimes the coil needs to be replaced over time.

2. Charging Ability

As mentioned above, the rechargeable vapes like their name require to be charged. The charging ability of these vapes allows them to be reused over time. It is an eco-friendly way as it ensures the reduction of e-waste. Disposable Vapes are vapes that cannot be charged, they work till the e-liquid runs out of the device. This makes them less durable and unfit in the context of environmental issues.

3. Affordability

In terms of affordability, it can be said that up-front, disposable vapes are cheaper than the non-disposable ones, being disposable with the basic vaping feature. They cost somewhere between 5-9 Euros. But if the user is a regular vape user, then in the long term, non-disposable ones are much more cost-effective. Even though they are more expensive than the disposable ones but what makes them cost-effective is the fact that they are rechargeable, it can be said that after paying the initial money the user just has to pay for the e-liquid.

4. Refillable Vs. Non-refillable

It must be clear now through the previous points that disposable vapes are non-refillable, its pre-filled with e-liquid and their design doesn’t allow any refilling or recharging. Although this feature makes it easy to use and is good for occasional vaping. Rechargeable vapes are designed to be reused, therefore they are refillable, which makes them last but not the grab-and-go type.

5. Commitment To One Flavor

If as a smoker, one prefers to be diverse and cannot commit to a single flavor, then disposable vapes are just the thing for them. If one does not like a particular flavor, one can always switch to a new one.  This unfortunately is not the same for rechargeable or non-disposable ones, but in the case of choices of flavors, refillable kits of rechargeable vapes offer more choices than their opponent.


Vaping brand Uwell has good quality products in all sorts of vaping supplies in both categories, rechargeable, and non-rechargeable. It has launched several products like EVDILO, VALRYIAN II, and many others in the rechargeable category. GABRIEL is one of their brand-new products, which is a disposable that has maintained its superior quality and distinctive flavor since its inception.