Top Three Tips For Preparing To Wear A Bob Wig

Top Three Tips For Preparing To Wear A Bob Wig

A bob wig is a common wig style worn by many women. Women wear a bob wig to protect their natural hair, experiment with new styles, and attend special events. A bob wig is also great for women enjoying short hair without cutting their natural hair. You can get a bob wig from any hair extensions store online or offline. Before you wear a bob wig, you can prepare to make it look better.

How to prepare before you wear a bob wig

Below are some incredible tips for preparing or breaking in a bob wig before wearing it;

1. Cut the hair on the edges

You can break in a new bob wig by cutting the hair on its edges. Doing this will ensure the hairs do not get caught in the glue when applying the wig to your head. Naturally, this is important when using the glue application technique. When cutting hairs on the edges, you must be careful not to reduce the length too much that it stands out. The easiest way to avoid this is by placing the wig on a mannequin or a wig stand. This way, you can keep track of the length and get a clear picture of how the wig looks as you cut its hairs.

2. Trim the lace

This tip mainly applies to lace front bob wigs. Before you wear a lace front bob wig, one of the best preparation tips is to trim the lace. You can use scissors or a razor blade to carefully cut the excess lace at the front of the wig, taking care not to spoil it. It would help if you also had a wig stand or mannequin for this process to help you follow the hairline.

3. Oil the hair

After cutting the hair on the edges and trimming the wig, you can also prepare the wig by oiling it. Oiling the hairs will enhance its appearance. Applying oil on a new wig also tames the hair. It helps it all lay and makes it shine. Oiling the hair also allows you to style the wig effortlessly. When dealing with curly bob wigs, the oil also helps hold the curls longer. However, please try not to apply too much oil. Your choice of oil will depend on the type of wig and your preference. Regardless, choosing the best hair oil for your wig is easier than selecting one for natural hair.

Why break in before you wear a bob wig?

Breaking in a bob wig before you wear it provides the following benefits;

  • Preparing your wig makes it easy to wear
  • It also enhances its appearance
  • Preparation tips like trimming the edges help the wig last longer by preventing pulling
  • Preparing the wig also helps you style it effortlessly


In addition to preparing the wig, you must also prepare your hair for the wig application process. For instance, you can braid your hair or comb it neatly before wearing a wig cap. Another important preparation tip is collecting the necessary application tools like adhesive.