How to Maintain Your Garage Door

How to Maintain Your Garage Door

Your garage door is a big part of your home. It's important to take care and maintain it so you can enjoy years worth if use from this great investment! Here we'll go over some easy tips on how best keep up with all things garage door related.

Applying car wax to various parts of your garage door

Washing and waxing your garage door are two ways to keep it looking great. Ideally, you should wash it at least twice a year, and you should refinish the wood panels periodically. This is particularly important if the paint is peeling and exposing the wood to the elements. Applying car wax to the different parts of your garage door will help repel water, dirt, and stains.

Applying lubricant to the lock on the garage door

Applying lubricant to the lock of your garage door can be a quick and easy task, and it will reduce the chances of the lock malfunctioning. There are many different types of lubricants you can use. Most are silicone sprays, which create a barrier between the parts of the lock and reduce friction. These sprays will also not attract dust. Lithium-based grease is another popular choice. It will not stick to dust and debris that collect in the garage. When applying lubricant to your garage door lock, make sure to spray it into the hinges of the door while the door is partially open.

Applying lubricant to the hinges

Applying lubricant to the hinge of your garage door is an easy way to lubricate the parts that move the door. It is necessary to spray the hinges and the brackets with the lubricant. You should not use too much lubricant, because you don't want it to drip. Apply enough lubricant to allow the springs and the bearing plates to move freely without the lubricant going over the top of the door. You may need to use a ladder to reach the parts of the door you are working on.

Applying lubricant to the springs

Applying lubricant to the spring of your garage door is an important part of preventative maintenance. Dry springs can cause strange noises and even rust, both of which can be dangerous. To avoid these problems, apply lubricant to the pivot points of the springs. In addition, lubricating hinges will also reduce the pressure on rollers, tracks, and the opener.

Applying lubricant to the rollers

Garage doors need to be lubricated on a regular basis. The rollers are what move the door up and down, and need to be properly lubricated on both sides to ensure smooth operation. There are two main types of lubricants that you can use. The first is a lithium-based or silicone-based spray-on grease, which is easy to apply and is especially suited for white garage doors.

Applying lubricant to the track

Firstly, you need to wipe the rails and hinges clean using a damp rag. The lubricant is then applied to the rollers at the hinge points and the bottom of the track where two metals meet. Make sure to spread the lubricant evenly around the rollers so that it covers all the moving parts. You can also use a brake cleaner to get rid of any grit or grime.

Misaligning the sensors

When maintaining your garage door, one of the easiest ways to keep your door operating smoothly is to check for misalignment of the sensors. In order to do this, simply remove the sensor mounting brackets and loosen the screws. This should help you slide the sensor up and down.