Girl's Bedroom Set: What Every Girl Deserves

Girl's Bedroom Set: What Every Girl Deserves

Creating a room for a little girl or a teen girl can sometimes be confusing and exhausting. Although Hollywood has given us a stereotype of what or how a girl's bedroom set should be, it can be counterproductive to just go with that flow every time for girls.

You see, while most girls would love the whole princess lifestyle, it's best to tailor the girl's bedroom set to reflect the dreams of each girl. There are many ideas and inspirations to run with, but to help give a generalized starting point, we'll examine some factors you'll need to get that beautiful girl's bedroom set.

What's the base color?

The base color for the room sets the foundation for all other designs you'll be incorporating into the space. The white base colour is universal and would naturally make the space or room look a lot larger than it is. If the feel of a large space is what you're going for, then white is an ideal choice.

If your baby girl loves the princess and fairytale world, leaning towards pink as a base color can seem like a smart choice. However, pink set the tone for a lesser range of color diversification. Again, do not assume pink should be the color just because it's a girl's room.

On the other end, there's blue. Many would think it's a boy's color, but that's not entirely true. Blue sets the tone for a coastal look. So if she loves mermaids and such, blue as a base color is not a bad idea.

Bedding material

You can get a few things wrong in creating the best girl's bedroom set, but bedding shouldn't be one of them. The room's base color may set the undertone, but it's things like the bedding that really help differentiate it from a boy's room. Most girls love bright colours, so it's fine to play around. When they're young, it's hard to pick a favorite color, but as they grow, you'll notice they're finally beginning to settle for one or two favorites.

Depending on your daughter's age, you may want to play around with as many bright colors that work with the base color or narrow it down to some of their favorites.

Fun furniture

Most girls have lots of stuff. They don't learn it as they're older but subconsciously love gathering and keeping stuff around. Whether it's toys, clothes, toy clothes, shoes, etc., they never run out of it. So ideally, it's wise to add furniture with some storage drawers. If the space allows for extra furniture, you can include a wardrobe, table, chair, and storage box. Do not forget to paint the furniture to match whatever color choice you made. If you have old furniture, you can repaint it and make it sparkle rather than spend on a new one.


When designing a girl's bedroom set, it's good to think outside the box. It has to be a reflection of what she wants and what she's into.