Facts About LED Flood Lights you Didn't Know About 

Facts About LED Flood Lights you Didn't Know About 

It all started with one man and his 1001st experiment that invented the light bulb. Of course, we are talking about Thomas Edison and how the incandescent bulb was invented. 

With time, incandescent bulb technology started to upgrade. This is how it landed into the 21st century, the era of LED light bulbs.

Among the different types of LED bulbs available in the market, we think one specific type of LED bulb requires appreciation. So, here are amazing facts about Revolve LED lights that you probably don't know about.

Energy efficient

All LED bulbs are energy efficient. This encouraged the world to switch to LED bulbs in the first place. So, what is unique about this fact? If you have seen a LED flood light in real life, you can tell why this is such a unique feature.

The overall structure of a LED flood light is designed to generate light. This means that naturally, these bulbs will consume a lot of energy. But the case is quite the opposite, and floodlights are more efficient in energy consumption than many traditional light bulbs.

Dissipate Less Heat

Incandescent bulbs used to be called 'hot bulbs.' Why? Well, those bulbs tended to generate a lot of heat. And by a lot, we mean a lot. Then came the LED bulbs with the ability to maintain a cool operational temperature.

The LED flood lights were a further one-step innovation in LED bulbs. These lights can maintain a cool operational temperature even after continuous and rigorous use. This is something you won't find in every other bulb.

Quite Durable 

Buy a LED flood light, place it somewhere where you need strong/continuous light, and that's it. 

The rest is completely up to the LED flood light. That's how durable these lights are, which also explains their widespread use in parking lots and porches.

Major credit for the durability of these lights goes to external protective covering as well. 

The covering that encloses most of the floodlights comprises a strong metallic container with a protective hard plastic cover on the laminating end.

Produce Heavy and Uninterrupted Light

Something that LED flood lights are known for. But is there something unique about this? Like many LED bulbs can generate heavy and uninterrupted light. What's so unique about it? 

Well, most of the bulbs can, that's true, but not most of the bulbs are built to withstand the impact of the environment as well. The LED flood lights are designed to do this exactly.

Plus, the intensity through which light is projected from the LED light source is super strong and continuous in the case of floodlights. Another major thing to note here is that these lights can adjust the intensity and direction of the light as per the requirement. 

Final Note

LED flood lights are surely taking over the world through their exceptional characteristics and features. 

In a few years, LED flood lights can be seen in major areas throughout the globe, including parking lots, porches, official spaces, and even around outdoor events. Now that's an achievement on its own.