All You Need to Know About 12v Refrigerator

All You Need to Know About 12v Refrigerator

Technology is getting more innovative, and so devices are getting compact. This article is about a similar product; 12V Refrigerator. You may have never heard of it, but a 12v fridge is a very common device in homes today. They work just like regular fridges, but they do not use AC power or gas to run. Instead, they're powered by batteries and can be mounted on the wall or on your boat or RV. If you are thinking about getting one of these fantastic devices, here is everything you need to know about 12v refrigerators before purchasing.

What is a 12V Refrigerator?

Before we get into what it is, let's make sure you know exactly what a 12V refrigerator is. It's like an ordinary household refrigerator, but with three key differences: it operates on less voltage, consumes less energy, and has a smaller capacity. If you plan on using it as your primary fridge, we suggest checking out our largest model, which can hold up to 70 cans of soda or 20 gallons of ice cream!

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a 12V Refrigerator

Environmental Conditions

If you’re looking to buy a 12-volt refrigerator, your first consideration should be where it will be used. Several environmental factors can affect how well your refrigerator will work. For example, higher altitudes may make it harder for your cooling unit to produce enough power. Likewise, high levels of humidity or heat may also pose problems.

Size and Weight

When you’re talking about a 12V refrigerator, size and weight is everything. First off, keep in mind that a 12-volt refrigerator will be around 30% smaller than its 120-volt cousin. But those who have already been on the hunt know that it can be challenging to find a portable unit small enough and light enough to fit your needs while remaining energy-efficient and powerful enough to do what you need it to do.

Types of Cooling Systems

There are two types of cooling systems: Forced-air and Compressor. Forced-air refrigerators use fans that push air over cold coils inside a sealed compartment. Compressor refrigerators have a more complex scenario where coolant transfers heat from one area to another to keep things cool. Although compressor models are more expensive, they tend to be more efficient and quieter than their forced-air counterparts.

RV Fridge Capacity

Most RV refrigerators come in 20-cubic feet, 30-cubic feet, and 50-cubic feet. Before deciding on one, think about how you plan to use it. Do you need a refrigerator that can store big blocks of ice and large containers of food? Are you planning on using it while boondocking (i.e., when parked) or only while plugged into a power source?

Best Uses of 12V Refrigerator

12V refrigerators are perfect for keeping food and drinks cold while camping or during power outages

They can also be used as a supplemental refrigerator in your home to help save on energy costs

Some models come with a freezer compartment, which is great for storing ice cream, meat, and other frozen items

You can even use a 12V refrigerator as a portable cooler to keep your food and drinks cold while you're on the go


While it's true that refrigerators are becoming more and more popular in today's world, there is one type of Refrigerator that many don't know about. A 12volt refrigerator is an alternative way to keep your food cold instead of traditional home fridges if you want more information on how this work or why you should use them, you can visit